These relatable moments from Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel will make you nostalgic about hostel life

26 . Feb . 2019
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Living a hostel life can be tough, but it also makes you tough. From late night gossip sessions to frantic morning lectures, there is no experience quite like the hostel life. Girls Hostel is a Girliyapa original series revolving around the lives of four girls from different backgrounds and their life in St. John’s Dental College and the hostel they reside in.

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Here are the top 4 nostalgic moments from Girls Hostel.

Sneaking out of the hostel behind the wardens back:

This ranks #1 in rule breaking and a rite of passage in itself. With Richa and Mili trying to dodge the warden for a late night trip to Mahabaleshwar, this sequence is sure to remind you of your first sneak-out!

Forbidden Dates:

Dating is considered as the forbidden fruit during hostel life and most people have interesting memories with a special someone. Aarav and Richa’s chemistry in Girls Hostel will speed up those first-love memories

Ganging Up and Fierce Rivalry:

The Dental College vs Medical College rivalry in Girls Hostel is a mnemonic of the real-life rivalries during this phase of your life.

Dealing with Seniors

Some may think of this as a nightmare, because dealing with Seniors often tends to go South when you’re living away from home. Richa and Mili’s relationship with Jo in the series is a constant reminder of that nagging senior who you chose to avoid at all times.

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If you want to relive these memories from your life, catch Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel