Web Series Review: Mom & Co. looks interesting

12 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Neliima Azeem shines in the new Zoom web series, Mom and Co.

Zoom Studios brings to us Mom & Co, a web series that stars Neliima Azeem, Aditya Joshi, Shreya Mukherji, and others. The web series is one of the many home-grown stories that are now finding their space on a streaming platform.

Neliima Azeem plays a single mother who has brought up her son, Aditya Joshi, played by Ayush Mehra single-handedly. Ayush is one of the many people who are not very fond of their parents and take them for granted.

What’s Wow:

The web series has an interesting premise, that of a mother and a woman who’s looking at spending years of old age withering away and therefore decides to take up a business opportunity.Neliima Azeem does a good job of playing the understated and ignored family member while Aditya Joshi does a good job of playing the corporate culture young man.

What’s Blah:

Only the first episode of the web series has been launched, so we don’t know how the story will turn out. The first episode introduces Suhasini Joshi as a supermom who’s just about to find out her inner talents, and that’s cute. But the screenplay could be a cliched one that will drive away audiences from the streaming scene.

Parting Shot:

Mom & Co looks like a cool, modern age web series about all the things moms do for us.

Cast and Crew: 

Cast: Neliima Azeem, Ayush Mehra, Shreya Gupto,

Director: Ashish Ranglani

Writers: Shyni Shetty, Aarsh Vora

Producers: Zoom Studios

Mom & Co. is now streaming on YouTube