Minecraft: Story Mode comes to Netflix

14 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is bringing more and more well-known content to their streaming platform. The streaming behemoth recently announced that they will be bringing a limited series based on the popular game, Minecraft, titled Minecraft: Story Mode.

The story will be set in the Mineverse and will tell the story of Jesse, a new character in the Mineverse. Interestingly, Jesse could be a male or a female – which is maybe a nod to the fact that many male players opt for female avis and vice versa.  What’s also interesting is that the series promises to be an interactive one – and we have no idea how a web series could be interactive. More interestingly, Netflix has confirmed that they have no plans to get into gaming now, so this seems to be a one-off type of series for Netflix.

According to Netflix, the experience will involve delivering content via video files and accepting commands via any remote that’s equipped with directional and select buttons – possibly a cell phone that can have such an interface. Whatever be the case, we are looking forward to this.