Mindhunter gets a second season

01 . Dec . 2017
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What was to happen has happened, the extremely engaging Mindhunter has been given approved for a second season. The Mindhunter series is one of the most successful non-superhero web series for Netflix and it was only a matter of time. The first season ended on a cliff-hanger and the series is gathered a great fan following.

You can read our review of the Netflix series here: 

Netflix Original: Mindhunter

This is the second David Fincher collaboration with Netflix, the first being House of Cards, the show that was slowly losing fans and then ran into trouble when Kevin Spacey, the main antagonist of the series was slammed with sexual harassment allegations. Netflix has washed their hands off Spacey and have publicly noted that they won’t go ahead with a HoC series with Spacey involved. As the controversy propelled itself and threatened to break Hollywood into two, Netflix sent a stunning public message that they wouldn’t go ahead with anything Spacey related on the web series. shooting for the series was suspended as soon as the allegations emerged.