Mercury 13 reveals misogyny in NASA

10 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

There are some organisations that we think are above and beyond misogyny and gender discrimination – like NASA. But a damning series promises to blow the lid off that concept. Mercury 13 is one of the many promising documentaries that are hitting the streaming scene.

The series is about women who were trained to go to the Moon but never really did – because NASA wasn’t too receptive. The role of women in science has always been subdued and throttled, so it is time that new media creators come up with such content that tells the audience the kind of content that reveals this fact.

Netflix has come up with some incredible documentaries and docu-dramas that are tearing down concepts and opinions. Their Wild, Wild, Country re-introduced the Osho Commune and its controversies to a whole new generation. With this documentary, Netflix is only strengthening its inventory with more interesting and engaging content.