Mercedes Benz teams up with Wavemaker for an extreme sports web show

25 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Mercedes Benz is coming up with a web series that will feature some of the most popular extreme sportsmen in India. In collaboration with Wavemaker Content, the web series, titled Rushes introduces to the audience different path breakers from the adventure sports arena and introduce them to a whole new audience.

The web series will not just show the audiences the sports but also delve into the mindset of the sportspersons and how they achieve what might be unthinkable for others. The series has been shot in 6K RAW resolution, something possible because of the team’s collaboration with Will Laschelles, giving the audience the most realistic experience of the activity.

Speaking about the web series, Kumar Deb Sinha of Wavemaker said that this is not a one-time engagement, but something that will be sustained conversations about adventure sports enthusiasts and the people who make this possible.

There’s no details on which platform Rushes will stream, but it does look interesting enough – not just for adventure sports enthusiasts but anyone who’s looking to start something new – for themselves or otherwise.