Memories Review: Rohit Roy channels his inner Iron Man in this sci-fi web series

12 . Jul . 2018
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With the glut of web series and short films, film makers have got the freedom to bring their pet projects to life. One of the forebearers, Vikram Bhatt, brought Maaya to streaming audiences and followed it up with several other web series, and the latest in this crop is Memories.

Memories has Rohit Roy playing Manav Malhotra, the head of a TV News channel, who gets supernatural powers after he survives a car accident. Basically, he can access the memories of a dead person by touching them. Rohit is just coming to terms with this power, even as he helps his police officer buddy to solve cases. But, he is then embroiled in a high-profile murder case that’s too close to his own life.

Indian sci-fi series are few and far between, and they have achieved a cult status. Whether it is Shakalaka Boom Boom or Captain Vyom, Indian audiences have been receptive of sci-fi. Even Krissh is a runaway hit. Memories is a sci-fi, it isn’t a light hearted one like Shakalaka Boom Boom or even the earlier films in the Krrish series. the director has decided to go the gritty, dark-lit way for this one.

Sc-fi series need two things to work. One, a cool supernatural power and two, something that makes the audience invest in the characters. While the cool supernatural power exists, there’s little for the audience to invest in the character –the car crash that the protagonist survives is shown off-screen. Krishna Bhatt directs the series well and the young director has a good sensibility for the emotional scenes.

The performances are good, with Rohit Roy doing a good job of playing Manav. The strong script gives him a platform to put up a decent performance and he rises to the occasion. The supporting cast also does its job well.

If there’s anything that needs to change in Indian web series, it is the template art direction and production values. This might be over-noticing things, but so many web series have a kink story arc now and it’s the same pink-handcuffs that come in the picture. It’s high time that Indian web series stop the tokenism and show something different to depict the story arcs.

What’s Wow: The very fact that Viu and Lone Ranger decide to go with a sci-fi supernatural web series is good news for Indian audiences and film-makers. Considering this as one of the first supernatural themed web series, it’s a decent start.

What’s Blah: Indian audiences are as much a global audience as its an Indian one, so they are exposed to some of the best CGI and effects. A supernatural series like Memories could have done with some better CGI.

Parting Shot: This could be your pop-corn viewing over the weekend.

Cast : Rohit Roy, Priyal Gor

Directed By : Krishna Bhatt

 Memories is now streaming on Viu App 

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