Fuh Se Fantasy’s upcoming ‘Meet the Girl Next Door’ is Sweet, Ordinary, Caring and Liberating

03 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

A perfect date set up by your Mom for an arranged marriage is perhaps the last place where you would expect any kind of intimacy, excitement and quirky fantasies being fulfilled. But what if destiny has written something out of the blue, just for you?

Starring Sheetal Thakur and Paresh Pahuja in lead roles, Fuh Se Fantasy’s upcoming episode ‘The Girl Next Door’ gropes on the concept of a guy who has to go on a dinner date with a girl who has been a neighbor from his childhood. Already annoyed with his Mom’s persistent approach to get him married to Sapna, the small town girl, Mihir walks inside the restaurant to find a gorgeous, super fun and ultra-modern girl already looking for him, who is there to take him away from the mundane of his everyday life.

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An instant battle of emotions inside his head and everything changes. Just like every arranged meet, they grab a bite and start a conversation. Little do they know that their late night adventures through the city will lead them to a fantasy never explored. There are no judgments or expectations, just them in a moment full of spark. What really happens which makes her leave forever?

Find out in the next episode of ‘The Girl Next Door’, streaming exclusively on VOOT’s Fuh se Fantasy!