Marvel taking the documentary route with a web series on musicians.

28 . Mar . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Marvel has set out with a unique concept of a documentary web series Marvel’s Playback in which a film crew is send over by the publisher to interview various bands and musicians at their homes. The crew brings out in these interviews the source of inspiration or influence on the musicians’ lives by looking at their comic collection and their favourite titles and characters.

Pat Carney, the drummer from The Black Keys is the first on the list. Carney says in the interview, “through comics, through collecting, I became interested in music.” He also mentioned that it was his father that first introduced him to comics.

Fans obviously were most hooked to know what lay in Pat Carney’s long box. As the crew finds out, his mmost prized possessions include, a copy of Stan Lee and John Buscema’s “Silver Surfer” #1 along with several issues of “The Nam.”

Like most kids, Carney also build his collection trading video games, baseball cards and BB guns with a neighbourhood friend. He also recounts stealing a copy of Wolverine Bloodlust from his brother.

The Marvel audience is now looking forward to the rest of their line-up in the documentary series. Catch the episode of Marvel’s Playback, Episode 1.