Malaika Arora says ‘Keto’ is an unhealthy fad!

30 . Oct . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

B-town’s glamourous diva, Malaika Arora recently graced the first ever fitness chat show Tik Tok presents ‘Work It Up’, hosted by the dynamic, Sophie Choudry streaming on VOOT. Malaika and Sophie get up, close and personal while they burn  calories and showcase some yoga moves while discussing a few interesting topics.

When host Sophie asks Malaika, “When people see you, they think Malaika doesn’t eat food but the fact is that you’re a foodie!” to which Malaika proudly and happily replies, “I’m a foodie, I come from a foodie family. We all love our food. And I love cooking, I think this is just a misconception and let’s get rid of this misconception. Aap mujhe jaante ho!”

Sophie further asks since she is still not convinced, “Is there any one particular food item which people think Malaika Arora would not be eating?” Malaika with sincerity reveals, “I love my carbs, I need my carbs, I eat my rice and roti all of it, but everything in moderation.”

Sophie continues, “There is a new fad ‘Fit Shaming’ and you face it too. Fitness is such an important part of your life but people keep trolling, what do you think?

Malaika promptly shares, “I think these are all terms, there’s all sorts of shaming that happens. If you’re a working person, a working mother you’re shamed for it, if you are somebody who chooses a certain lifestyle, you’re shamed for it. If you’re fit, you’re shamed for it. If you’re unfit your shamed for it, so I don’t think there is any end to it.”

Sophie then asks her take on it and how she deals with it on daily basis.? “Maine ek device apne khud ke liye adopt kiya hai. I just block out the noise. I don’t think giving it so much importance in your life is going to achieve anything. Jitna aap bologe, jitna aap clarify karoge, jitna aap usse ghaas doge utna woh badta jaega. I feel the best way is to block out the sound and to live and lead your life. Log ka kaam hai bolne ke liye. You can’t stop that” expresses Malaika

Well there is a lot to take back from this gorgeous diva, Malaika Arora as she continues to spill the beans on life and fitness with Sophie Choudry. Tune-in to ‘Work It Up’ on VOOT, this Sunday and watch the full episode to find out some more unknown and interesting revelations.