Cannes winning director, Prawaal Raman plans to make more short films

12 . Oct . 2017
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Prawaal Raman has worked with some of the most exciting feature films. From Darna Mana Hai to Main aur Charles to Dobara: See Your Evil, he has told stories that capture the imagination of a huge fanbase. Prawaal Raman makes his foray into the short film zone with Love You Papa, a short film that’s a story of an innocent bond that a father and his daughter shares. You can read our review here. The short film has got a positive response and now, has won a Silver Dolphin at the Cannes for the Corporate Media and Television Awards. The acclaimed director spoke at length and revealed how he started film-making and what drives him till today.

What inspired you to become a film maker?

I was inspired by other films to turn to film-making, specially the Godfather.

Would you prefer to write and direct a film or just direct?

I prefer writing the scripts for the films that I make, because then there’s more film-making for me. If it is someone else’s script, it is only half the work. I feel incomplete as a film-maker when I make a film based on someone else’s script.

Would you ever adapt a book onto screen?

It is an interesting process, I have not done it yet. Maybe I will write a book and make a movie out of it.

What genre of books would you choose?

I’d choose anything that’s thrilling, whether it is horror, paranormal or a gangster flick. Maybe even a love story, you never know.

Which is your most memorable film?

For me, Darna Mana Hai becomes the most memorable film for me, because it was my first film.

How did you end up doing the short film Love You Papa?

It was a proposal from a friend of mine to make a corporate film.  What I wrote was a story of a father and daughter. I took it as a challenge, like all my other work. I didn’t find it easy.

So, will we see more Prawaal Raman short films and web series?

Why not? The idea is to tell a story and knowing that it will reach people. If someone shows you a cup and says that people can see a film in it, you will make a film for the cup, right? The question is here about the medium of showcasing, it is about making content. I get offers to make web series and digital content. I am contemplating.

What do you think about the censorship controversy that’s rocked Bollywood and film making in general?

I personally think censorship should not be bound by the ruling organization, it is a personal choice. You cannot force things to people in the name of culture or disciple or whatever. If there is a platform where people what to show edgier content, it is their choice whether they want to watch it or not. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it. You can’t be talking about controlling others because you don’t like something.

Recently, I was told that my film was sent to Cannes for the Corporate Media and Television Awards and it won the Silver Dolphin. It was a great thing for the company and a proud moment for all of us. It was selected from around 1000 short films.

It is always interesting to talk to new film makers; their ideas and thoughts are quite valuable and give us insights into the film industry and how it works. More importantly, it hints at how the film industry would be in the future. We enjoyed speaking to Prawaal, and hope that this interview is insightful to you as it has been to us.

You can watch the interview below :- 

In conversation with Director Mr. Prawaal Raman at TDH Studios.

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