Netflix’s Making a Murderer Season 2 gets a trailer

10 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The second part of the highly popular web series, Making a Murderer will be releasing soon. The web series got a second trailer that provides more insight into what the web series will be about. In the second season, we are introduced to the new attorney for Stephen Avery as well as the other players involved.

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The trailer also hints at showing how the entire episode became a media circus and about the several people involved in investigating the crime and finding out whether Steven Avery really did it. In the second trailer, Steven Avery also acknowledges that he has got a lot of public support throughout the entire ordeal.

There’s a great hype created around the web series. Making of a Murderer was the first high profile web series that told the audience about true crime and the true story of people touched by crime on Netflix. After the success, Netflix has created some groundbreaking web series about crime and criminals, like Wild Wild Country, which was a story about Osho Rajneesh and the criminals that he was involved with.

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The series will now stream on Netflix from October.