Mahershala Ali starrer True Detective Season 3 on Hotstar grips from the word go

15 . Jan . 2019
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The Purcell kids – a Girl and boy – leave on their bikes. Their father asks them to come home before the sun sets. They start cycling, the bicycle spokes adding to the suspense. They meet friends on their way. Wave hello. Keep going. They cross a lady’s house. She waves hello too. It is a beautiful evening. However, when the sun has set and the kids are not home yet, the worried father starts reaching out to people, wondering if they have seen his kids. This is just few minutes into the first episode, and we were already biting our nails, trying to guess what would happen next.

Meanwhile, detective Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali) and his partner detective Roland West (Stephen Dorff) are driving around. They are called regarding the missing kids and go to the Purcell house to interview the father, Tom Purcell. They get a nagging feeling it is the mother who has taken the kids and taken off, but in just a little while, realise that it is not the case, when the mother, Lucy Purcell, walks in. Next morning, Volunteers fan out looking for the kids, expecting the worst. Wayne, nicknamed ‘pathfinder’, follows a track that leads him to a spot, past few creepy looking dolls, where he finds the little boy dead. The girl is still missing.

The second shock – 10 years later, it turns out that the little girl who was never found – Julie Purcell – is still alive.

The series keeps switching between not just two, but three timelines – when the incident occurs, 10 years after and the third, when detective Hays is old and is giving an interview. The ‘Old’ detective Hays finds being interviewed oddly satisfying despite the grim past being dredged up, because for him, it is akin to putting pieces of a puzzle together – one where his late wife’s memories are part of it. Detective Hays met Amelia (Carmen Ejogo) while he was investigating the Purcell kids’ disappearance.

True Detective, currently streaming on Hotstar, was originally released on HBO in August 2017.

What’s WOW:

The constant shift between three different timelines is seamless.

True Detective does not waste time in getting down to the spine chilling, nail biting business. Just hit play, and the suspense begins.

Just when we think we have figured out what will happen next, we are left surprised.

What’s Blah:

Dear Hotstar, why just two episodes? You are killing us here!

Parting Shot:

A heady mix of a flawless screenplay and performances par excellence, True Detective is a must watch

Cast and Crew

Cast: Mahershala Ali (Detective Wayne Hays), Carmen Ejogo (Amelia Reardon), Stephen Dorff (Roland West), Scoot McNairy (Tom Purcell), Ray Fisher (Henry Hays), Jon Tenney (Alan Jones), Josh Hopkins (Jim Dobkins), Mamie Gummer (Lucy Purcell)

Director: Nic Pizzolatto

Writer: Nic Pizzolatto, David Milch (co-writer, 4th episode) and Graham Gordy (co-writer, 6th episode)

Hotstar True Detective is streaming now