Love or Friendship? The Timeliners and Drivezy Present the Perennial Dilemma ‘When You Love Your Friend’s Sister’

20 . Aug . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

‘The Bro Code’ is arguably the most sacred of all existing codes in the world.  It’s a set of rules never spoken about but understood universally among all the bros. One of the most important rules of the bro code is – Never lay eyes on your friend’s sister, we repeat never!!!  Usually, the thoughts which come to our mind when we think about someone dating a friends’ sister are: heated arguments, end of friendship, a fist fight; basically, all things scary. But, ever thought this would end up on a funny note?

The Timeliners team up with Drivezy to give you the answer to this burning question with the sketch, When You Love Your Friend’s Sister. The sketch begins with a hilarious conversation between love birds – Raj and Shweta about how to face Shweta’s brother and Raj’s best friend – Shwetank. The sketch moves ahead taking us on a series of laughs when Shwetank enters unexpectedly in the scene and Raj and Shweta spin yarns to avoid being caught.

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To know whether Raj and Shweta get caught, Shwetank’s reaction and most importantly, the future of these bros, you can visit The Timeliners YouTube page or log onto TVFPlay. We will save you some effort though, you can watch the video here: