Love Handles to release 5 shorts, the first Ashleel Pyaar is hilarious

08 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

It’s definitely raining web series! While the biggies in the streaming world are busy collating diverse subjects and premises for their subscribers, YouTube is proving to be as colorful.

One of the most recent series to make its YouTube debut is Love Handles – by Gorilla Shorts – is a YouTube web-series that shows quirky stories based on love, romance. The web series is a collage of five short films.

It’s very first short has been uploaded. Titled Ashleel Pyaar, this first video revolves around a young South Indian man and his journey to find love. One may think it is not difficult for him to find love – he is an engineer, MBA, works in marketing for an FMCG company, in reality it is. All his dates leave him in a lurch because of his ‘abusing’ habit. The moment there is something embarrassing around him, the hero starts abusing without realizing he is on a date.

It stars Anirudh Mahesh, Gopal Verma, Anuradha Shabadi, Aakanksha Singh, Tulika and Ruhi. One line that sums up his dilemma brilliantly – 1400 more abuses, 136 slaps and several girls later – after watching the story you will understand the line to the tee.

The next story in the series is Chori Chori Pyaar about a girl with a habit of stealing.

You can watch Ashleel Pyaar here: