Lorena Bobbit story turned into an Amazon Prime series

07 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The Lorena Bobbit case in 1993 rocked the world with its sensational content and more sensational headlines. Lorena Bobbit allegedly castrated her husband John’s penis after he sexually assaulted her.

The case was sensational and is credited with bringing the domestic violence problem to the fore.  Jordan Peele will executive produce the show with Win Rosenfeld. Josh Rofe will direct the series that will talk about the incident and the media sensation that occurred after that. With this, Amazon Prime is taking the next step in the world of documentaries, something that Netflix is well known for. Netflix has given a glut of docu-dramas like Narcos, Wild, Wild, Country and others that had a smattering of real life incidents and crime.

During a media interaction, Peele said that this was the first ever full-blown media spectacle and they plan to give Lorena a platform to tell the truth and talk about gender dynamics, abuse and how she demanded justice. Heather Schuster, the head of Unscripted Amazon Original said that Jordan is one of the strongest voices of social critique and Amazon Prime is excited about working with Jordan on the project.