Lore gets a second season

27 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

One of the most important web series on Amazon Prime right now is Lore. Lore spawned off a podcast that explores the reality behind several myths and legends and even phrases that we use in everyday life, like ‘saved by the bell’.

Lore 2 is produced by Ben Silverman, Howard T Owens, Gale Anne Hurd, Brett-Patrick Jenkins, Jon Halperin and Mark Manucci. This time, the showrunner is Sean Crouch.  Like the last time, the series will feature narration, archive footage and animation that will make the story telling a more visual process.

People behind the series have been speaking about what the second season will be all about. Jenkins has gone ahead and said that the series will have everything, from monsters to the macabre.  Heather Schuster, the head of Unscripted, Amazon Originals says that customers loved the first season of Lore because of the unique blend of narrative and documentary storytelling. She said that they were happy to have another season of suspenseful and hybrid series.

Lore becomes the first web series to come on Amazon Prime with podcast origins. It is also an addition to the list of real-life themed web series that are now available on Amazon Prime.