Lore 2 to come to Amazon Prime

21 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Lore, the quirky horror web series that was spun off from a pod cast returns to Amazon Prime with season 2. The trailer for the web series just dropped and it promises an intense and spooky experience.

What set the first season of Lore apart from the other common horror series was the actual description of real life supernatural and ghostly happenings. The new teaser for the second season reveals that the series will have eight episodes, that will speak about eight incidents with supernatural elements.

Aaron Mahnke, Gale Anne Hurd, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens create this series. Glen Morgan, Tyler Hisel, David Chiu, Patrick Wall, Marilyn Osborn, Jeff Eckerle and David Coggeshall write the web series.

This is one of Amazon Prime’s few horror based original web series. Their other web series, The Purge, is releasing on Amazon on a every week basis. That web series is based on the film franchise of the same name.

Watch the trailer here: