Look Unveiled! She-Ra and the Princess of Power reboot is coming soon

17 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix will be soon premiering the rebooted version of the comic series She-Ra: Princess of Power and it will feature a much younger Princess Adora, though she will continue to be badass. The first look of the venture has been released.

It is interesting to see the vision of the reboot’s showrunner Noelle Stevenson in this first look. The story line however will retain its essence in the reboot as well. It will track Princess Adora’s journey in a world where all the magical creatures and evil robots have been captured in an epic war. Stevenson, however, revealed that instead of portraying the heroic journey Adora undertakes, the series will focus on her uncertainties. He said that her journey will be characterized by some clumsiness and discomfort.

For the uninitiated, here’s some information on Princess Adora’s character. As a young child, she was separated from her family. She is then raised by the villain and is raised to believe that whatever the villains undertake is the right thing and all the princesses are evils. Her beliefs are then being challenged as she realizes that the villains are called the Evil Hordes for a reason. The new rebooted version will premiere later in the year on November 15 on Netflix.