Longmire final season to stream on November 17 on Netflix

12 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix has announced that the sixth and final season of Longmire will stream on November 17. Its recently released trailer features Sheriff Walt Longmire (portrayed by Robert Taylor) of Wyoming county contemplating taking off the badge, and forced to confront five seasons worth of criminals and past decisions.

But Walt knows that his lifelong friend and confidant Henry Standing Bear (essayed by Lou Diamond Phillips) has been kidnapped and that the man might die if he’s not found. Henry has been kidnapped by ex-Cheyenne reservation Police Chief Malachi Strand (played by Graham Greene), and his prospects aren’t bright. So we are in for some shootouts and suspense.

The series is based on the book by Craig Johnson. This final season has been shot in Santa Fe, Pecos, Los Alamos, and Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Watch the season 6 trailer of this Netflix original here: