Live Streaming the Next Thing? Twitter Signs Up for Exclusive Live Streaming

03 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix and Amazon are the big names in streaming now but that doesn’t mean that others aren’t looking to get a slice of the pie. One name that’s on everyone’s lips after a great deal is Twitter. The microblogging website is aiming its guns at the streaming market, and it isn’t taking what you think it is in its arsenal. Instead, Twitter is gaming up live streams of events – and famous events at that.

Twitter signed up with IMG Fashion for exclusive runway shows and never-seen-before content from Fashion Weeks. These Fashion Weeks will be from New York, Milan, Paris, London and other countries. Along with that, Twitter has signed up with Live Nation for original content that’s exclusively on Twitter from select Live Nation concerts.

With Twitter taking big steps towards Live Streaming, it is only natural that other players will look at Live Streaming as an organic evolution of streaming. The going will not be smooth, though. Live Streaming means very good internet speeds and great cameras that have the ability to stream – very different from the hazy, grainy videos that we see on our Twitter feeds at the moment. How well this will be worked out, only time will tell.