‘ Live in Lochaa ’ will show the problems of a live-in couple

29 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Live in relations are as yet a unexplored concept for mainstream cinema. Some web series and short films have explored the concept, but there’s still a lot more scope. And Vishwajeet Sharma’s ‘ Live In Lochaa ’ plans to fit that bill perfectly. The show will strive to show all the ups and downs that a live in couple experiences in their day to day life. The story is inspired by real life stories and will feature a writer as a character.

The synopsis of the series is out. One of the characters, Rahul, misunderstands that his relationship with a girl, Nisha, is over. He then decides to stay away from her. However, when he does, he realises how attached he was to Nisha. He then tries to win Nisha’s heart all over again.

The series stars Gazal Saini (Man Mein Hai Vishwas), Pratyush Singh (Runningshaadi.com) and Brijesh Fuloria (Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai). Along with these, Sanket More, who is seen in Marathi series like Rang Maza Veagala. He has also starred in Marathi movies like Harni, Pakitmar, Ek Gav , Oli Mati and others.