Lesser Known Web Series geared for female audiences

21 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Like it or not, the streaming platforms have put women characters right, front and centre. Women are no longer the ones who are waiting to be saved, or characters who are supposed to die so the protagonist gets a will to live. Web series are bringing to the fore real and fictional females who we can only marvel at. The Big Three of the streaming world have several web series and films that either tell the proud, inspiring stories of women or have women as the protagonist.  We list the top 4 web series that are geared for female audiences.

#1 The Good Wife

It was refreshing to see a character who evolves from being a politician’s wife to one of the most sought after attorney in the country. The Good Wife is one of the best series available right on Netflix. It’s the perfect mix of politics, litigation, drama and personal relationships to give you a binging high. All the characters in the series are a masterpiece. But it’s Alicia Florrick who grabs our attention and keeps us hooked from one season to another.

What we really like about the series is the nuanced balance that the script has about Alicia’s personal life and her professional one. That creates some jaw-dropping sequences where she battles her personal demons while her professional life is going gung-ho.

The series has not one but three strong female characters. There’s Alicia Florrick, her boss Diane Lockhart and Alicia’s daughter, Grace Florrick. No conversation about The Good Wife is complete without mentioning Kalinda Sharma, one of the most intriguing characters – male or female on the streaming screens.

#2 G.L.O.W

G.L.O.W broke all rules of films. It didn’t have one main female character – it had a clump of female characters, and each one of them could become a layered story. Never have so many female well written characters have come together in a series. The series itself is great storytelling, and the strong women characters are a joy to behold.

The best part of the characters in the series is that they are all too real and even close to home. The jealousy, the loneliness, the constant fear of being a loser – all that and more makes G.L.O.W and its characters some of the best the world has seen.

#3  Fargo

Pundits consider Fargo to be one of the best crime thrillers in the world. In the 80s, it was revolutionary to have a pregnant woman as the main protagonist. It is amazing to see that having a woman as a protagonist in 2016 is also as revolutionary.

Fargo is so great because it is one of the first where a woman is ‘the person of the moment’. It is she who cracks the case, it is she who handles the villain and it is she who the audience roots for when one of the good guys is in trouble. In fact, the series has one scene that will go down in history as the one that equalises the gender of a protagonist, whether male or female. People who have seen this series will know which one we are talking about, those who haven’t, will understand which one we are talking about when they reach there.

#4 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Was there a time when you wanted to shout out at the discrimination women face in the workplace? Have you been told about how women of a different generation faced more of this? Did you ever think about how a woman would have handled discrimination in that generation? Welcome to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. MFMM has a quaint, frothy quality that’s perfect for any series trying to put across a hard point. The murder mysteries, the romance, the innocent love – all that and there’s this woman who decides to be a investigator in a pre-modern world.

There are a lot many series that nowadays centre on the woman, or has her as a protagonist. But very few have the potent concoction of beauty, brains and a sharp story line and script that grabs the audience. These are our four. Do you have a list? Share it with us in the comments section!