Lesbian love in Maaya 2, Priyal Gor and Leena Jumani get intimate in poster

30 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Vikram Bhatt made heads turn having Shama Sikander do a bold role in Maaya 2, with steamy scenes and focus on BDSM. And now in Maaya 2, he has surely upped the ante.

The poster of Maaya 2 has been released and popular TV actresses Priyal Gor and Leena Jumani are seen getting intimate. The series will focus on the complexities of the LGBTQ community. Maaya is the story of acceptance of ones sexuality.

The story revolves around Simmi; a closeted lesbian woman engaged to a man hiding away from her truth and Ruhi, a far more liberal out of the closet girl. The two discover love, acceptance and a desire to be who they truly are in the brand new season of Vikram Bhatt’s Maaya.  The second season of the web series will premiere on VB on the Web on 30th May. The web original will feature Pranav Sachdev as male lead.

Vikram Bhatt’s latest production Twisted 2 has recently released. It features Nia Sharma is a bolder avatar than the previous season. Maaya 2 is directed by Vikram’s daughter Krishna Bhatt.