Legal battle between Viu India and Loneranger Productions?

15 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

In what could be the first legal issue in the world of streaming, there are reports that Loneranger Productions have filed a case against Viu India. While the reason is unknown, there’s this incident of Ankita Bhargava’s show, Unafraid, which was supposed to stream on Viu India and produced by Loneranger, has been sheved.

According to reports, the show was shelved because of creative differences between Lone Ranger Productions and Viu India. The leads of the show were rather unceremoniously changed to Aparna Dixit and Vipul Gupta almost overnight. Vikram Bhatt launched VBontheWeb, an app that provides exclusive Bhatt content for minimal prices. While that is bound to change the face of streaming in India, there’s buzz that Vikram and Viu India are ramping up for a legal battle. Earlier, Viu India was Vikram Bhatt’s exclusive streaming partner.

Loneranger Productions is credited by bringing some of the most well-known Indian web series to the audience, like Maaya and Spotlight. It remains to be seen how this development evolves in time.