Large Short Films The Playboy Mr. Sawhney Review: A special shoutout to Jackie Shroff

24 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Jackie Shroff gives a heart warming performance.
  • Writer Tahir Siddiqui adds an interesting aspect to the concept of love.

Royal Stag Large Short Films have come up with some interesting content. Their Shunyata, starring Jackie Shroff was one of the best short films that came out that year. Now, they bring The Playboy Mr. Sawhney, a short film that’s a quirky, heart-warming slice of life film, even if it has a controversial subject at its core. Here’s the complete review of the short film, The Playboy Mr. Sawhney

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A young man played by Taher Raj Bhasin, is having relationship problems. Unwittingly, he ends up taking relationship advice from his grandfather, played by Jackie Shroff. The advice sessions become a story telling one and the two men end up bonding with each other.

Writer director Tahir Siddiqui takes the time-honoured concept of generations bonding and adds a new aspect to it. A grandson discussing a grandfather’s philandering is not something you’d consider family viewing – but with some understated performances by Arjan Bajwa and Jackie Shroff, it all becomes heart-warming instead of bawdy humour. The script’s and screenplay are simple and engaging and is perfect for the 25-minute duration. Some might consider that the duration is a bit long, but one look at the film and that duration is justified.

The writer also adds an interesting aspect to the concept of love. In films, love is almost always a anything or nothing concept. However, in this short film, love’s just one of the many factors one finds in life.

What’s Wow: Jackie Shroff gives an incredible performance. In any other person’s hands, the character could turn into a lech and even a politically incorrect one. But with Arjan Bajwa and Jackie portraying a man who travels through time to find the one love that’d set him straight. The three women characters, portrayed by Divya Dutta, Neetu Chandra and Manjari Phadnis add to the story with their grounded performances.

A special shoutout to Jackie Shroff, who didn’t develop cold feet before facing the camera as a grandfather. Actors are known to be shy of playing aged characters, so this is something new.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: Royal Stag Large Short Films is coming up with some great content and The Playboy Mr Sawhney is one of them.

Cast: Jackie Shroff, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Divya Dutta, Manjari Phadnnis, Arjan Bajwa, Neetu Chandra

You can watch the trailer of the short film below