Large Short Films Waterbaby Review: A heartwarming little story

15 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Large Short Films has come up with some great content ever since its inception. The latest film coming up on its platform is Waterbaby, a bittersweet story of an incident in a young boy’s life.

Waterbaby is about a young boy, Melvin, set in about the nineties, and tells about an aspect of his life, where he makes new friends and fends off bullies, even as his family life goes into tatters.

What’s Wow: Finally, we have a short film that gives a decent insight into a Catholic family. Of course, the story does have the cliché of a drunk father – but at least the father is doing something other than drinking out of the bottle. The performance by Vijay Khemani, as the young boy, is impressive. Others in the cast, Gracy Singh, Pravishi Das and others give a good performance.

The production design is good too and brings the audience to the pre-mobile phone times, which accentuates the innocence that’s a major part of the storyline.  The screenplay is par for the course of a short film, where the boy’s swimming fear is symbolic of his facing the world on an individual basis.

What’s Blah: At a fifteen-minute runtime, the story could have explored more about the character and the subject. However, creator Pia Shah decided to give only a barebones information about the character.

Parting Shot: Waterbaby is a heartwarming little story that’s finds a perfect place in the world of streaming.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Vijay Khemani, Gracy Singh, Pravishi Das, Suhaas Ahuja, Chitra Palekar, Rishikesh Prabhu, Akash Nath, Aradhana Uppal, Nyla Masood

Creator: Pia Shah

Produced by: Golden Cut Films

You can watch the film below