Kunal Kapur takes the audience on a royal journey of Biryani

29 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The third episode of The Royal Palate streams this Thursday on TVFPlay

In a world where all hopes seem lost, food brings joy like no other. And what better dish than Biryani to leave one’s taste buds on a high. This comfort food not only holds an esteemed place in our country, but enjoys a cult status amongst those who love to commit gluttony around the world. In the latest episode of TVFPlay’s ‘The Royal Palate’, celebrity chef Kunal Kapur brings to us the origins and evolution of this treasured dish.

Kunal, through his multi-city expedition, showcases the extravagant Biryanis from Kolkata, Kochi, Rampur, Hyderabad and Lucknow. With every Biryani dish being the same at the root, it still has its uniqueness that comes with a different story, which reflects in its grains. From Hyderbadi Biryani having an Irani influence, the Malabari Biryani of Kerala or the Afghani influence in the Biryani from UP, every city has a brawl to claim the best version of this special delicacy.

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Meeting some of the locals from the cities, a historian and a blogger among others, the famed chef explores what makes every Biryani exceptional in its own way and the secrets that they hold in making the lip-smacking dish. The episode also sees him conversing with the Raajasaab and the royal chef from Mahmudabad, UP divulging into the true essence of what drives everyone crazy for this cuisine.

Summing up, Kunal ends the episode sharing his truest thoughts with the beautiful guest-chef Sarah Todd. He says, “Unveiling the story of Biryani in India, is like peeling an onion layer by layer. Every story is different, yet compliments the previous tale some way or the other.”

If you have ever wondered what the secret is behind the mouth-watering dish, the third episode of The Royal Palate is made for you!