Kunal Kapoor turns Superhero for Raj Comics’ ‘Doga’

01 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

India has dabbled in super-hero fiction and has a winner in the Krrish series. While the streaming scene doesn’t have  any Indian super-hero as yet, that is changing with the popular comic ‘Doga’ coming to the streaming screens. And who’s playing the lead? Kunal Kapoor.

Doga has an incredible backstory that’s perfect for films. Suraj, an orphan, is deeply disturbed by evil and becomes a superhero, who hides his identity behind a dog mask. This was one of the few comic series that was set in the current timeline and not a sci-fi one.

Doga is one of the few Indian superheroes who doesn’t have superpowers, apart from his ability to  communicate with dogs.

During a media interaction, Kunal confirmed that this is his biggest role till date. He also said that he will learn different martial arts. Kunal has one of the best physiques in the industry. According to us, he does fit the bill. The question that remains is whether he will be able to do justice to the martial arts sequences. That remains to be seen.