Kunal Kamra is lit AF in this standup routine

The Habitat is the place to catch some good Stand Up, and it hosts the who’s who of standup – like Kunal Kamra. Kamra recently caught up with fans for a comedy routine at The Habitat and drew a new one in the wall. He left no stones unturned in talking about one of the biggest problems that India faces right now – old people with prejudices and half knowledge. Kamra ran a skit that was a hilarious take on the technical prowess of older people all with a thick political undertone that nobody should miss. Look at the video here:

It’s interesting to see that stand up comedians and viral video content creators are taking the bull by the horns. Their punches are pulling no punches and thereby giving them an audience and exposure of a life time. Kamra has definitely upped his game when it comes to material but has the same – extremely well loved – drag-the-line way of giving the jokes to the audiences. This is the first part of his stand up. We will keep you updated about the second part.