Kubbra Sait – the actress who charms you with her spontaneity.

21 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The web entertainment platform is really getting heated up with talent from all over calling it their second home. Every week, we see a couple of web series hitting the streaming scenes. In our endeavour to give neutral, balanced reviews, we make it a point to not envision a moment when one of the actors reads our reviews.

To be fair, our review was not the greatest press a web series would have got. Imagine our surprise when Kubbra Sait, the lead actress in Amazon Prime’s Going Viral posted about our review of her series on her social network. Keeping that out, Kubbra agreed to a video interview.

We reached Kubbra’s pad at a quaintly placed building in Bandra and were surprised to find her ready for us – right on time. That’s a far cry from the star tantrums that even newbies in Bollywood throw up just for validation.

Kubbra was quite forthcoming with her answers. We liked the fresh and frank approach to the questions, including ones that would get a ‘no comment’ answer from the other politically correct actors and actresses.

Here’s a transcript of our free-wheeling conversation with Kubbra

How did your journey in the media industry start?

My journey into the media industry started in 2010 when I moved to Mumbai. I decided then and there that I will become a full-time entertainer and performer.

What made you decide to get into the web series zone?

I was doing events and I had reached my threshold. That’s when you think, “Why don’t I do something new”. Web series came in at the time when I consciously decided to do something new. It was a new platform and new audience. Web series was this great platform that had great people working on great ideas. I had to be part of this great idea and I couldn’t say no to it.

How was it working with the Going Viral cast?

I loved the shades of the rainbow in the cast and crew of Going Viral. We would sit together and listen to music, play Ellen’s Heads Up, or just sit around and get to know each other. It was a 16-day shoot. 16 days is not a lifetime to get to know each other. But we had such positive vibes when we worked together and by the end of it, we were getting coffees for each other. It turned out to be a beautiful camaraderie.

Tell us something about Natasha, your character in Going Viral?

Each episode had a graph for Natasha. She is angry with her husband but she couldn’t express it because she is so sophisticated. It was very interesting to see this character evolve. If I said that I wanted some changes and if it made sense, the director would agree to it in a heartbeat.

How different is Natasha from the real life Kubbra?

I think I am very quick with my reactions. I personally feel that I cannot lie. If I don’t like someone, you will see it on my face. If I love someone, you’ll see it in my body language.  I am a very animated person – with my hands moving and my cute smile. It is very easy for my eyes to give away. In that sense, to capture Natasha who is completely in control about her emotions, her money, about the reputation of her organisation, about how the camera perceives Going Viral, it was poles apart.

Did you think the script took things too far?

No, not once. It was so beautifully written. These things are happening right now. Whether it is feminist being stalked, or the rich boy who wants to make Sasha trend.

What do you think about the controversial song ‘Aunty ki Ghanty’?

I haven’t heard the song. I don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe I am a back dated human being.

Do you think playing a role in Salman’s Ready was a boost for your career?

It’s not like Salman called me and told me that I want to work with you. I didn’t even know that I could work with him at that proximity. I think, if I didn’t do that, someone else would have done that role.

Which is your favourite Indian web series?

I love Tripling. It is my favourite Indian web series to happen. I loved Kunal in it. I thought he was excellent.

And foreign web series?

House of Cards. It is superior in every context.

What’s different while shooting for ads, films and web series?

I think, time factor is the most important. You know an ad must be shot in one day. In a film, you have many days budgeted. There is a creative process. When it comes to web series, depending on what you have to fill in and the budgets, time is one of the most important factors.

Do you think web-series is pushing the envelope and creating controversies?

I think it is a debatable matter. It is a medium at the end of the day. So it is you who has to decide what you are doing with the medium.

You can catch the interview below :