How well do you know Sumeet Vyas?

05 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Who didn’t like Sumeet Vyas as Mikesh in TVF’s Permanent Roommates – probably you didn’t watch the web series then (wink).  Here are 10 things about Sumeet, you will know if you are a true Sumeet Vyas fan.

  1. Sumeet Vyas almost turned down English Vinglish once because ‘he wasn’t in the mood’. He was shocked when he got a suite in a New York hotel, and didn’t unpack thinking it is Sridevi’s.
  2. Sumeet has been earning since the age of 17, and has not taken money from his family since then.
  3. Sumeet was attracted to the smell on his father’s clothes when he returned from theatre. Later, when Sumeet visited a play and he recognized the smell – an amalgamation of perfumes and smoke.
  4. Fountain head is the book, Sumeet feels, has positively shaped him. He read it when he was sixteen.
  5. He wants his autobiography to be named Dig Deeper.
  6. While he loves Randeep Hooda, it pisses him when people say he looks like Randeep (Pray why, we love them both)
  7. His favourite movie is Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.
  8. He likes watching Netflix’s House of Cards and Game of Thrones; he wants to replace Kevin Spacey if he could. And is possible also play Jon Snow.
  9. He has never won an award in school. In fact, he failed his 8th and 9th standard exams.
  10. Sumeet would love to have Alia Bhatt as his permanent roommate.

Tell us how many of these facts did you know already.