Kim Kardashian confesses Stranger Things is her favourite show after Keeping Up

09 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Kim Kardashian is a Hollywood royalty and now, a self-professed Stranger Things fan. She made a recent outing to a store, and was immediately met with paparazzi, looking for a byte. In a video that’s up on TMZ, the host is heard asking what her favourite show is, and she confessed that after the Keeping Up series, the name that follows that list is Stranger Things.  The host also asked if Kim would make a special appearance in the show, but there was no comment.

However, Kim has earlier done special appearances in shows, most popular being in an episode that was all about her in the chick-lit show 2 Broke Girls. This will be one of the few times that she plays someone else in a tv series or film. She is upped for a cameo in the upcoming heist film Ocean’s 18.

Even if there is a chance of her doing a cameo, most probably it would be a fictional character – because the entire series is based in a time long, long before videos becoming viral was even a thing. So, unless there’s a season that suddenly pits the series in contemporary times or the writers decide to make Kim Kardashian herself a immortal or something, she’s destined to play a fictional character.

Millie Bobby Brown, the female lead of the series is known for fan-girling on other female actors. Bella Hadid once liked Brown for sporting her Chrome Hearts t-shirt. Drake is a known fan of Millie and Dakota Fanning and Millie fangirled at the 2018 SAG Awards.