Short Film: Khujli

01 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Giridharilal and Roopmati are a couple good many years into their marriage. While their son is exploring his sexual fantasies with handcuffs and Giridharilal’s lotion, the couple realize they need to do something about the 25-year-old itch! Roopmati, a housewife that could be anybody from your mother to the neighborhood aunty has educated herself in BDSM courtesy 50 shades of Grey, and what’s more is instead of judging what is seemingly obscene she is all ready to give it a try! Giridharilal is equally shocked and pleasantly surprised on discovering the kinks of his wife but decides to put his best foot forward as a dominant role playing a Hindi film villain.

What’s wow? Sonam Nair, the director of Gippi has an interesting choice of subjects when it comes to feature length or short films. BDSM, which usually makes for an erotic and sensuous backdrop in films is used very differently to squeeze out the ‘kinky’ in the older generations. That undeniably makes the film a fun watch. When erotic looks funny and kinky becomes messy, we all know it is time to open the blindfold. However, like Neena Gupta as Roopmati says, “Kamse kam humne try to kiya”.

What’s blah? The concept deserves full marks however the script is undeniably weak. Actors like Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta, who come with their charisma and charm have been underutilized to say the least. They seem to be compensating with their laughter and loud delivery for what is in fact missing in the script. Despite all other elements in place, Khujli doesn’t make for quite the scratch that it could.

Parting shot: Since the time the Digital domain has opened its door to the world, filmmakers both amateur and experienced have been trying to give out something new to its audience. For me it was Giridharilal’s mother in this film. Khujli has in its small cast a ‘dadi’ whose hair to clothes is spotless white and lives in her own universe. However the old lady gives us a passing shot in the quirkiest of circumstances, especially where she is least needed.

Cast: Jacki Shroff, Neena Gupta

Director: Sonam Nair

Duration: 15:16


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