Katie & Shaun is a new web series on anxiety and depression.

18 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Katie & Shaun is a new original web series that talks about anxiety and depression. With 70% of Americans suffering from a mental illness or disorder, British husband-and-wife duo Matt Thomas who is the writer and Susan Allen, the Director of the series were looking for a way to focus on the very important topic. Katie and Shaun are two people who are suffering from anxiety and depression for a connection to survive.

Meghan Maguire and Ricky Goldman are forced to come to terms with their relative disorders, when they embark on a relationship valuing their personal growth.

Both Matt and Susan are close to the story since they have a personal experience with mental health and have supported family and friends over the years.

The couple hopes people will find the show entertaining and if someone feels less alone, or if they can possibly handle their own problems because of the show, that would be their biggest accolade. By illuminating the characters’ struggles with anxiety and depression – which are often confusing or debilitating and downright frustrating the director hopes to foster a deeper and broader understanding of mental health, and its role in the human experience.