Kashmakash’ on MX Player takes you on a journey of choosing between right and wrong

25 . Feb . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

How often do we consciously think of our actions being right or wrong – especially when it comes to the use of social media. How many times do we leave our live location services on, or decide to interact with random strangers on the net? Answering these questions is the web series ‘Kashmakash’ that will stream on MX Player, for free – starting today. Inspired from real events, ‘Kashmakash’ consists of 5 modern day crime stories narrated from the victim’s perspective. In what is a never-seen-before format, each episode in the series has alternate ending that highlights two ways of dealing with crime – the right way and the wrong way.

This collection of 5 crimes in the realm of social media causes chaos in the lives of normal people like a housewife who finds stardom on a live social media app and in the process, unknowingly welcomes unwanted attention causing a strife in her marriage. Episode 2 showcases a social media addict celebrity couple that falls prey to their desire of giving the online world unrestricted access to their lives. The third story is about a social media influencer who refuses to come to terms with her mental disorder and unfortunately finds herself at the mercy of a blackmailer. The penultimate episode features a drug addict who goes on a downward spiral when she makes a shocking discovery while the last episode deals with the admin of a village chat group who peddles in fake news without realizing its far-reaching impact.

The crime drama consists of much TV faces who like Sharad Malhotra, Anjum Fakih, Eijaz Khan, Abhishek Kapur, Abigail Pande, Lavina Tandon and Vahbiz Dorabzee, among others. Highlighting a range of stories based on important subjects including drug abuse, mental health and threat of fake news, ‘Kashmakash’ is an interesting concept encapsulating matters from a victim’s outlook.