Karan Wahi discusses all the inside scoop about the Bigg Boss 14 House with Gautam Gulati on Bigg Buzz

21 . Oct . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

All eyes are set on Karan Wahi who will be the entertaining host of this season of Bigg Buzz on Voot. The theme of the show this time which focuses majorly on the Asli fans of Bigg Boss, so get ready for will exclusive interviews with evicted contestants, fan theories and all the latest gossip from inside the Bigg Boss Season 14 house.  The show will serve as an “Asli fan ka Asli Adda” where fans get an equal opportunity to express their views about the show. The first episode introduced Bigg Boss season 8 winner – Gautam Gulati as the first celebrity guest of the season. The opinionated former winner, certainly let his guards down and gave his views about the contestants and the game they’re playing on this season of Bigg Boss. Catch all the exclusive gossip on the very first episode that will stream today only on Voot!

On being asked about Sara Gurpal’s early eviction and his views on it, he stated – “She shouldn’t have been evicted. She was doing better than the boys. She was being seen more in the show and should have stayed back.” If given an option, he would have wanted Nishant to be evicted. Furthermore, commenting on the tasks of the season, he felt that Nikki Tamboli was a biased Sanchalak in the ‘Farm Task’ and that it’s extremely wrong to give preferential support to your friends in the task. To be a team player, you have to be fair to all the contestants.

After the intense discussion, Karan plays a fun game of ‘In your shoes’ with Gautam where he is shown certain clips from the house and he has to tell what he would do if he was in that person’s position at that time, like if he was at Nikki’s place as a Sanchalak, when Jasmin was attacked by 4 men he would have raised his voice as “Sanchalak ka kaam hai fair hona.” To further lighten the mood, Karan played a game of Agree- Disagree with Gautam where he  is shown some tweets from the fans and if he agrees with it or not.

Known for being headstrong, Gautam didn’t spare the seniors or the participants. He took a dig at Abhinav- Rubina for playing the game as partners, suggesting that should play a separate game as contestants and not see about how they are each other’s partners.  At the end of the game only one person is going to win and not two so they must understand this. In addition, if he were to go inside the house as a senior, he would’ve been vocal about his thoughts and told the fresher contestants about whether they are going right or wrong and show them a way to do better.