Karan Johar wants to go on a dream dinner date with Meryl Streep

30 . Apr . 2021
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The ace film maker and fashion icon, Karan Johar stepped out of his comfort zone and prepped a meal for the very first time under the supervision of Lakhan Jethani, Head Chef and Co-owner of Modern Japanese restaurant, Mizu Izakaya. KJo tried his hand at cooking his favourite Japanese dish, Katsu Curry alongside soft shell crab Sushi for his gorgeous crew of friends. A little birdie told us how Karan Johar shared some secrets behind the scenes and revealed personal information like his dream date, weirdest meal, midnight snack and much more on the sets of Star vs Food.

Revealing secrets about himself, KJo spilled the beans on who according to him is the best actress and who would he like as his dream dinner guest. He said, “I would love to actually have a meal with Meryl Streep. I have never never never met her, but I want to have a meal with her. I want to look into her eyes and tell her that she is the best person on planet earth, best artist on planet earth. She would be my ideal dinner guest”.

On being asked to describe himself as a snack, adding sass to his answer he said, “If I was a snack, I would be Chutney Sandwich because I am spicy in between but I can really cover it up well”. Moreover, he also revealed his signature dish and said, “What I love or what do I represent? My signature dish would be a quiche. I like a quiche. There’s lots happening in there, but it can be served really well”. Adding onto this, without much thought, Karan Johar revealed his midnight snack and exclaimed, “Oh ice cream” in a jiffy.

On being asked about the weirdest food he has ever had, sharing an anecdote from Paris, he said, “So I am not very adventurous with food .Well, someone gave me a rabbit that looked like chicken once and I ate it and I really wondered  why this chicken is tasting  so amazingly  different and delicious and it was at a French restaurant in Paris and I was like you know making conversation with the guest right after that and I was like I have always been told like nobody really serves chicken in Paris because it isn’t considered the standard meat and they said but there wasn’t any chicken today on the menu. I said ya I ate chicken. They said no you ate rabbit. And then I went hopping back home”.

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