Kannada cinema veering towards streaming scene

23 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

If Hindi film-makers are going to the streaming platforms quicker than ever, regional cinema is not far behind. There is a slew of Kannada web series coming up and they look promising as ever. Pundits will tell you that South cinema has a treasure of stories and concepts – that is proved by the several Hindi films that are remakes of South cinema. And now, some of the most interesting Kannada cinema film-makers are looking at web series.

Sagar Purani’s By2 Bengaluru is about a group of friends that are traveling through a changing Bengaluru. Then there’s Pratap Kumar’s Joint Family. Anish Tejeswar’s Bengaluru Queens is another web series based in one of the best places to stay in Mumbai.

Some film-makers even think that web series are the future of Kannada entertainment. The film-makers make ten episode web series and users watch them quickly and simply on their computers and cell phones.

The revenue model for these web series is pretty simple too. There’s product placement and some of the producers even go ahead with the YouTube model – where they monetize the video depending on the views that a particular video gets.