Kamal Haasan: a strict father to Shruti Haasan?

07 . Oct . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

The gorgeous sensation Shruti Haasan recently appeared on the chat show ‘Feet Up With the Stars Telugu’ and had a lively conversation with the dynamic host Lakshmi Manchu. It is common knowledge that an actor’s life is like an open book, especially when it comes to star kids growing up with a father as famous as Shruti’s can be difficult.

When Lakshmi Manchu asked her about her childhood and the effects of growing up in a famous family, Shruti replied, “Even when I was a child, my father used to talk to me as if he is talking to  an adult. My father never treated me like a kid.” She further goes on to reveal that megastar Kamal Haasan was a stern father to both his daughters and he never unnecessarily pampered them. She also mentions that she was always the one answerable to him.

The actress then gets candid about the open and friendly environment she had during her schooling and how it helped her to develop her love for music. She talks fondly of her school and tells how her school encouraged all students to pursue their interests, no matter what they were. She also emphasizes, “I love music” further revealing that her love for music made her a stronger person.

Well, is this a hint that Shruti is planning on a big musical project? Or does she reveal any more on how Kamal Haasan was as a father? Know all this and more on the latest episode of ‘Feet Up With the Stars Telugu’ with Shruti as a host on VOOT.