After Virgin Woman Diaries, Kabir Sadanand’s next women centric series from Decoding Men

19 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Director-actor Kabir Sadanand, who is currently getting rave reviews for the web series Virgin Woman Diaries, is all set to add another woman centric project to his repertoire. Titled Decoding Men, his next series will have two protagonists – a 22 year old woman and a 28 year old woman – who are trying to understand men in their lives.

“Unlike popular belief, men are the most confusing souls of the world. They text something and they will mean something else,” said Kabir. The series will be produced under his production house Frogs Unlimited – which is also co-owned by Rajesh Ravindran and Sohaib Hasan.

“There are 5 hormones that decide how a man reacts, and when anyone of the hormones is high, he will react differently,” Kabir adds. It will have 6-8 episodes, of 15-17 minutes duration. Kabir will come onboard as the series director, while the webisodes will be directed by Nishant Shandaliya who also co-directed Virgin Woman Diaries.

Decoding Men will be Kabir’s third title after Married Woman Diaries and Virgin Woman Diaries, to have a woman protagonist. He has also directed short films like Life Fu*k$ and Papa We Love You Too, apart from acting and directing many Bollywood films.

Here’s hoping that this new series will be as path breaking as Kabir’s previous works.