Kabir Sadanand – the man with a chilled attitude and many hats

22 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The internet was recently taken by storm by a relevant web series titled Virgin Woman Diaries, which talked of a young girl’s excitement to lose her virginity. Her plans with her boyfriend don’t really hit the bull’s eye, but the web series did.

As messages and reactions continue to pour in for this venture, TheDigitalHash.com got in touch with its director-producer Kabir Sadanand to schedule an interview and he was game to do it. Starting his entertainment career as a TV/film actor, Kabir has slowly graduated to being a director and also a producer.

Scheduled at his production office in Mumbai’s Versova, Kabir indulged in a tête-à-tête with TheDigitalHash.com giving insights into his digital journey.

Here’s a transcript of our free-wheeling conversation with Kabir

Share some of the reactions Virgin Woman Diaries has received.

I think we have got more women viewership who have come in to watch the show. People have said this a new script new way of telling a story. It is a fresh take, giving the voice for a girl to speak. In India, the funda is that of a woman is not a virgin, there is an issue. But if the guy is not a virgin, then apna beta stud hai.

Do you want to change anything in the series?

We could have spent little more time, while shooting it, but then online budgets are restricted.

What does your company’s name signify?

Frogs stands for fullto rely on God. I believe in God. I believe there is a power above and apna funda yeh tha ki jitni mehnat kar saktein hai karenge, baaki god hai who kuch na kuch kar dega.

How do you compare short films and web series?

Films, television and the online space are three different worlds altogether, completely different. India doesn’t have writers who are going to be creating content or directors who are going to be creating content for the online space. You get rehashed stuff from guys who are making television. But that is not going to attract your viewer to come. It is a different language altogether.

You directed your son in a short film…

Ah. That was the most difficult one.  I was really proud of him. Jimmy (Shergill) is a close friend of mine. So Jimmy and I were discussing. We were doing a scene and I told my son Arya, we will try and do it this way. So he looks at me and says Listen to me dude I am the actor here, I will do it my way. If you find it correct, we will go ahead, if you don’t, we will do another one. I looked at Jimmy and Jimmy said kehne ko tera beta hai, magar tera baap hai.

YouTube or streaming giants – which is better?

YouTube is the most accessible platform available for a film maker. We started our online career with SonyLiv. But I think the whole thing is going to explode over a period of time. There is a lot of other content on YouTube, which probably parents find offensive. But over a period of time, it is going to start getting filtered. If you want to tell a story, YouTube is a great place to do it; SonyLiv is a great place to do it, there are other channels coming up to do that.

Is censorship required for the medium?

You don’t need censorship, but you need to censor yourself, trying to put content which is decent.

What kind of reactions did Life Fu*ck$ generate?

Some of the reactions that I got from the biggest critics in my life, also film critics who have always run me down was – what the hell was that.  I still haven’t got many people except for one who came and said mereko end thoda……tu bach jaata toh achcha hota.

Is it difficult to act and direct yourself?

It is difficult to act and direct on your own, especially on a story that it (Life Fu*ck$) was. In my head, I had to think that I was stoned and gone. AT the same time I had to be aware how far I can push it. It was a very thin line, especially on these things you can become a caricature.

Will you bring Bollywood actors to the web?

Nana (Patekar), Dimple (Kapadia) are great fun to work with. Everyone says Nana is a difficult guy to work with. I enjoy working with Nana, woh mereko kehta hai tub hi pagal hai, main bhi pagal hun, until I don’t get a script which can Nana make say ‘Mereko yeh karne ka hai (Kabir does a Nana) tab tak I will not go to him.  Dimple, I think is the most underrated actor. Jimmy is one of my favorite actors. But I want to get content which I can take to them and say yeh karte hain, mazza ayega.