Actress Jennifer Garner to star and produce Yes Day for Netflix

17 . Sep . 2018
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Actress Jennifer Garner will be starring in the comedy film Yes Day, which has recently been picked by Netflix. Jennifer will also produce the movie that is based on the book written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It is a children’s book by the same name.

The film will have Miguel Arteta as a director, while the script for the film will be written by Justin Malen. Jennifer follows the tradition of Yes Day in her real life as well. One day of the year, parents are required to say yes to every request the kids make ans she has been following it for 5 years.

Jennifer has three kids, who she co-parents with Ben Affleck her long-separated husband. Talking more about this ritual, Jennifer said that she usually doesn’t buy things – but they do end up buying small lottery tickets. But mostly it is about doing something different. Like in 2018 Jennifer agreed to being dropped down by a slide contraption. The ritual, she says, it is something that her kids can make her do anything on that day.