Javed Akhtar ventures into the web space with Barefoot 11

01 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Bollywood script writer Javed Akhtar is the latest to join the web space with a new web series titled Barefoot 11 to stream on VOOT. The series is a story about two Indians – a Hindu and a Muslim who unite a dividing India through soccer.

About taking up this new show, Javed said that he was excited to be doing something for this new space. He said that the structure of the space is very dramatic, thus facilitating the process of writing and also adding more responsibilities. It gives the writer a lot of time to play around, unlike in films, but the challenge that arises is how can one keep the audiences’ attention intact, Javed said in a media interaction.

The period drama series will go on the floor soon. The name of the series suggests that the players of the show will play barefoot, but it symbolizes that there is nothing between them and their land.

Talking of whether he himself watches any web shows, Javed said that he likes to watch the series House of Cards apart from a few others. The series’ last season will be coming out later in the year.