Jatin Sarna spills the beans on how he prepared for his character in Dark 7 White

11 . Dec . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

The recently- released web series of Dark 7 White has been creating a stir amongst fans for its gripping narrative and power-packed performances by the ensemble cast. The intense drama along with the many twists & turns on the show has been keeping the audience on the edge of their seats since the word go. Amongst the many actors who’ve done a fantastic job, Jatin Sarna, who plays ACP Abhimanyu, has been getting a lot of love from his fans. Depicting the role of a tough cop, Jatin’s layered character and raw performance have been a treat for the fans.

Talking about his prep for the character, Jatin says, “I did experiment a couple of things to get into the skin of ACP Abhimanyu for the show. Due to the lockdown, I got a chance to live alone, which became a blessing in disguise as it helped me prepare for my character and understand it better. Abhimanyu is alone and lives in his own space, and I could live like that and think as per how my character’s thinking pattern is. As Abhimanyu interrogates the suspects in the show, I used to rehearse by communicating with the actors’ pictures who were playing the role of suspects.”

Dark 7 White is an urban youth-oriented political murder mystery, narrated in a quirky storytelling style laced with dark humour. It is a gripping story about seven friends having high profile jobs with the tale shedding light on how their situation wasn’t the same back in their college days. What adds to the intrigue is the story of how one of these seven characters uses the other six for his advantage.