Jaan Kumar Sanu reveals the absence of his father during his childhood

10 . Oct . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

The House of Bigg Boss has seen many bonds being formed. From friends to lovers and from lovers to enemies, nothing is beyond us when we witness the everyday madness that goes around. While speaking to Jasmin, Sara and Nikki, Jaan Kumar Sanu opened up about his childhood and why his mom means the world to him and he would choose her over anything else. The clip can be viewed on Bigg Boss Extra Masala only on Voot.

Jaan Kumar Sanu said, “Mere liye mere mom aur dad donoh mere Mom hi hai. Mere mom dad separate hogaye jab mein 6 mahine ka meri mom ke peth mein tha tab. Toh bachpan se mein mummy ke saath hi bada hua hu, wahi meri mom dad hai. Mujhe yaha par aane se pehle sabse zyada fikar ussika tha, ki mom ka khayal kaun rakhega, isliye Love ko lekar bhi mera old school thinking hai mere mom ke wajah se, ek hi insaan buss.” He further adds, “Mein mere mom ke jaise hu.”

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