It’s Official, ‘13 Reasons Why’ Gets A Sequel

08 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix has another winner with ’13 Reasons Why’, the hit series that told the story of a girl, Hannah, who committed suicide. She leaves some tapes, numbering 13, telling why she committed suicide to her classmate, Clay Jensen.

The second season will continue the story of Hannah Baker’s death, and deal with the aftermath, showing how the other characters in the story heal and recover from the stunning suicide.

’13 Reasons Why’ has been a breakaway hit but has had its share of controversies. Because of the almost-graphic description of bullying, sexual assault and suicide, Netflix had to give out blunt content warnings.

From what’s been told about the storyline of the sequel, it is quite different from the original series. With such a distinct change in the storyline, it remains to be seen if the sequel to the series will be the same success as the original one has been.

The second series will be written by Pulitzer Prize winner Brian Yorkey