Is this who played ‘Bhaisahab’ in ‘Inside Edge’?

22 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

TheDigitalHash exclusively has found out the person who voiced Bhaisahab’s character, and that’s none other than Tanuj Virwani.

That’s correct, Tanuj, who also plays the character who unwittingly becomes the protagonist by the end of the first season also voiced the main antagonist, Bhaisahab.

‘Inside Edge’ is the closest Indian web series came to the foreign ones. The story, the script and the performances were top notch and definitely added to the entire experience.

The series also had some of the most well written characters that we have seen in recent times. While ‘Inside Edge’ had the devil may care character, the greenhorn and even the villain, one who stood out was ‘Bhaisahab’, the ominous evil whose identity isn’t revealed.

The first season has ended with a promise that Bhaisahab will play a increased role in the series – and we just can’t wait to know who will be finally cast as one of the strongest characters in the series.