Irreplaceable You brings romantic comedy to Netflix

03 . Feb . 2018
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Netflix brings a bitter-sweet romantic comedy to its inventory this month. The series is one of the few sugary sweet originals that are being shown on the streaming channel.

Netflix is known for their sci-fi, horror and such genres of original films. Now, Netflix is taking a step ahead with adding a unique romantic comedy to their inventory – Irreplaceable You, which has a unique concept.

The series talks about a young couple who are deeply in love, even after the woman is diagnosed with a tumor that is cancer. The trailer is endearing and seems to be chockfull of moments that are not just meant to have audiences pent up with emotions but also laugh at the simplicity that’s life.

The comedy also has Christopher Walken enact a character in a manner that only he can. The star cast includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kate McKinnon, Claire Holt and others.  Music is by Farah ABushesha and the executive producer is Christie Colliopoulos. Michel Ganeless and Buzz Koenig co-produce, while Brian O’Shea and Giovanna Trischitta are executive producers. This film is looking at a 2018 debut.

Watch the trailer here:

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