I would like to play Mata Hari: Karishma Sharma

09 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Karishma Sharma is the hottest name in the streaming industry currently. She played the titular character in the ALTBalaji web series Ragini MMS Returns, the first time a Bollywood horror film had a web series spin-off. TheDigitalHash caught up with Karishma and had a quick tete-a-tete with her. Here’s the transcript.

What do you think is the secret of the streaming industry boom?

I think the streaming industry will do well. Everybody wants to watch good content. Content producers are coming up with great content. In the next five years, it will be a huge market.

What made Ragini MMS Returns click for you?

There’s nothing about horror that attracted me. I liked my character in Ragini. She is bold, she’s a feminist. Ragini is something that I am. Ragini is very similar to Karishma, that’s the reason I took up the role.

How’s life after Ragini MMS Returns?

I am overwhelmed with the response. People are loving my performance. I don’t think there’s been a difference for me. I feel that I must go on working hard in giving a good performance and just keep getting better.

How were you in college?

I was a rebel, crazy and used to party a lot and not study as much. I don’t regret it though.

What’s the difference between working in the TV and the Web industry?

Web is a platform where you can express yourself more. You can do a lot more there as a producer and as an actor. I think it’s a great platform for all of us to come and put our thoughts. We can express a lot more on the web.

What’s the one character you’d like to play in a web series?

I read a book on Mata Hari and would love to see a web series on it and of course, I’d like to play that character. She was known for her sensual dance during the First World War. She became a spy and was finally killed.

What’s next for you?

My next project is Hotel Milan. It’s opposite Kunal Roy Kapur. It’s based in UP. It’s based on the anti-Romeo squad. It should release in January or February.

What’s your cuisine and fashion mantra?

I eat a lot as I am a foodie. Everywhere that I go, I want to taste the cuisine of that place. If it makes you happy, eat. Eat the right food at the right time. I do yoga in the morning. I go the gym in the evening.

What’s your message to women who are looking for their big break in the acting industry?

It takes a lot of courage – if you are coming from small towns and come from a non-film background. Here you need to follow your dreams, know who you are and believe in yourself. The world is yours.

Karishma Sharma has hit the bulls eye with her first web series Ragini MMS Returns. The bubbly actress is poised for super stardom. We wish her the best in her future endeavours.